Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Songs I've Written or Participated in the Writing Of...

How Can I Survive--Blood
No Virgins-- Blood
Unleashed-- Blood
Bleed Me Dry--Blood
Blood-- Blood
Christmas (In My Heart)--Winterland
Easy Choices--Winterland
Couldn't Have Done It--L8
Worse Things Than Being Single--10 Reasons I Won't Go Home With You
Warm Up/Cool Down--10 Reasons I Won't Go Home With You
Constellation--Sweet Jane
L8 (Instrumental)
Winterland (Instrumental)
Don't Forget
Saved By 16 Bars
Flowers (Instrumental)
Another Step
Diva's Dream
Disney Prayer
I Can Be Loved By Someone
I Want Santa
Don't Call Me
Not Me Not Today

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