Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, the beginnings of a new blog. I have loose parameters for this blog. Essentially it will be where I post rants, vamps and news pertaining to the show I am writing, as well as the occasional little cartoon.

Because I like cartooning.

My show is called Sweet Jane. I can't imagine its name changing unless Lou Reed is hardcore come licensing/rights time, an event which could actually derail the show quite a bit since I'm building the score around that damn song. I don't see that as a likely hurdle. I'd rather have the hard copy first.

Why Sweet Jane? My little musical takes plays in a morgue and centers around the unidentified corpse of a young woman. Unidentified female corpses are generally called Jane Does. Would you believe it took me 4 years of rattling this chestnut around my head for that idea to come to me? A lot of the show has written itself since then. But it continues to evolve. I had been embarking on one particular path for a finale, but have since concocted a more fiery, intense end for my show. Raising the stakes, baby.

This is a process, it has been a process. It is my first full length show. It will nonetheless be a one-act a la Last Five Years. I'm looking for it to run 100 minutes max. There are two actors, a man and a woman. And we are in a morgue.

Happy show! I hope for it to be a happy show. In the meantime I go about my business in NYC performing with By the Mummers, auditioning, and work work working. The challenge, as I choose to perceive it is: to churn out this show with all these other balls in the air. Can it be done? That's a cynical question to ask. In the meantime I hope to provide some theatre-oriented cartoons to keep my juices flowing and entertain those who choose to smile (now that was patronizing).

It's always once upon a time in New York City, folks. Howard Ashman wrote that.

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