Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Friday, October 16, 2009

Why am I awake?

I'm up too late and I have to work too early. I blame coffee. My addiction is not what it used to be and my body clock is nothing resembling stable so here I am. I think I'll watch another episode of Code Monkeys and attempt to fall asleep. My head is aching with this cold, making it difficult for me to spend my awake time productively. Damn winter in the fall. Damn it, I say. For real though, I have to be at work in 3 hours. Oh yeah, that's happening. I need to invest in some Tylenol PM, methinks. In other news, I get a desk on Tuesday, hopefully. Let's hear it for a concrete work space. I've been wanting one of those for quite some time now. 1st Ave bustles, even at 2:00 AM. Life, like writing a show--it seems--is not unlike assembling a jigsaw puzzle in a windstorm. That does not, however, lessen the satisfaction of finally slamming that last piece home and shaking your middle finger at said wind.

Cause the wind cares.

Must sleep...oh look, my Kelly Clarkson download finished...

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