Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Friday, October 23, 2009


The purpose of this blog is to keep my head in my show even when what is currently happening, is happening. Buckets of free time at the moment. And mostly pedestrian edits to the score coming. I have a brilliantly arranged finale for Sweet Jane. It sits comfortably in my head and doesn't seem to want to show up on the page. This is not thrilling. Then I go to tinker with the opening of the show and find that the multitude of variations I had on the Lou Reed song don't seem to want to leap forward today. It's all repetition and edits and shifts and alterations that are not unproductive, but not the bounding forward that I would prefer.

And what should I expect? I've barely been able to touch the show this week. The muscle must be warmed and flexed. Right? Perhaps I need food and drink. Perhaps. The definite plus side to this is that I the impotent frustration that I feel when I'm in this particular mood is not unlike the stagnant place in which I'm putting Jack in Sweet Jane.

I have a desk now. It is a charming little L desk from Staples. No more laptop in bed for Jay--unless I'm watching Ab Fab while falling asleep, that is. On my desk are three books. These three books are possible source material for other shows. I want to keep them close at hand.

Another positive: I feel very at home at this desk. I know I will be finishing this show while sitting at it. It's a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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